Samsung Galaxy S10 specs, price and release date

Samsung Galaxy S10

While still awaiting for the Samsung Galaxy S9 to hit stores we can’t help but ponder about the Samsung Galaxy S10. Being the tenth installment in the flagship series Samsung will surely want to impress us when it’s revealed. So would it be possible to estimate it’s features, price and release date? Let’s start.


What do the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 news say about the specs?

  • 5.8in QHD+ Super AMOLED curved display (570ppi)
  • Android 8.0 ‘O’
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 (US) / Samsung Exynos (UK)
  • 6GB RAM
  • 128GB Internal Storage
  • Cat 18 LTE support (1.2Gbps download speeds)
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Display embedded fingerprint scanner
  • 3D sensor front camera for face recognition
  • Dual 16MP rear-facing camera with OIS and Optical Zoom
  • Bixby AI assistant with dedicated button
  • USB Type C
  • Wireless charging
  • IP68 Dust and Water resistant


What Processor will the Samsung Galaxy S10 have?

Samsung is expected to have first dips on Qualcomm’s latest Processor at the the time. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be equipped with th Snapdragon 855 CPU in the US markets while it’ll have a yet to be identified Exynos CPU in Europe. Samsung is also estimated to finally give a RAM upgrade to it’s flagship taking it up to 6GB of ram.

What will the Samsung Galaxy S10 price be?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expecting come in at about £659 / $755 / AU$1300. This is an educated estimate based on the previous Galaxy S prices and the trend of slightly increasing the price of flagships that is being seen lately. We don’t expect it to reach iPhone X prices.

Galaxy S10 price


When will the Samsung Galaxy S10 be released?

The Galaxy S10 release date is estimated to be on April 2019. Even though we expect the Galaxy S9 to be released on March 2018 we firmly believe Samsung will stick to April for the Galaxy S10 going back to what is it’s most used release month for the S Series flagship. The reasoning behind this is that Qualcomm will not have enough time to perfect its Snapdragon 855 chip and pressuring will not do any good.

Galaxy Year Month
S1 2010 March
S2 2011 May
S3 2012 May
S4 2013 April
S5 2014 April
S6 2015 April
S7 2016 April
S8 2017 April
S9 2018 March
S10 2019 (April??)


Will Samsung Glaxy S10 have a fingerprint scanner?

Android 8.0 and above require devices to have a fingerprint scanner for security reasons and this does not seem to be something that will change soon. The recent patent that has surfaced from Samsung showing a fingerprint sensor embedded beneath the front glass feeds towards our positive conclusion that yes it will have a fingerprint scanner. It will also have a 3D sesnor front camera though for face recognition.

Samsung Glass Fingerprint Scanner Patent


The Galaxy S10 (and, probably, the S10+) guarantee to be the most vital Samsung discharges in years, and not on account of the Galaxy S9 has experienced moderate deals. This will check the tenth commemoration of the South Korean tech goliath’s lead cell phone.

The handsets will probably go up against three new iPhones from Apple that are relied upon to make a big appearance this fall, and the new Galaxies could be the first from Samsung to offer 3D front-facing scanners.

Here’s all that we’ve found out about the Galaxy S10 up until now.

Most recent Rumors (September 2018)

A report from Korean distribution ETNews claims the Galaxy S10 will see Qualcomm’s third-age ultrasonic in-show unique finger impression sensor.

Qualcomm has declared it is testing cutting edge 7nm processors to makers, which could reveal insight into the chip that determination the Galaxy S10.

A break from Ice Universe has uncovered the conceivable choices for the Galaxy S10, including dark, white, green, silver and pink.

Genuine sans bezel configuration, in-screen unique mark peruser

While Samsung may have botched the chance to be the main telephone creator utilizing in-show unique mark filtering innovation, that exceedingly foreseen highlight will at last advance toward the Galaxy S10, as indicated by reports.

One story, initially from ChosunBiz in May, charges that Samsung has at long last educated its providers that it won’t convey in-show unique finger impression filtering with the Galaxy Note 9, for propelling it with the Galaxy S10. The organization was allegedly undecided on whether to present the element in its up and coming phablet, likely due pre-fall or late-summer 2018. This may clarify all the clashing bits of gossip that have developed in the course of recent months about the two telephones’ unique finger impression sensors.

The in-show scanner could be joined by a strong new innovation that transmits sound through vibrations in the telephone’s glass board. This stops by method for Korea’s ETNews, which claims Samsung may depend on this framework to supplant the Galaxy S10’s forward looking speaker if the organization consolidates a genuinely all-screen plan. In any case, the telephone could even now include a regular second speaker along the base of the casing.

A prior report from The Bell in April guaranteed that Samsung had just finished the S10’s plan and that it incorporated an implanted unique mark sensor. The article expresses that Samsung is collaborating with Synaptics, Qualcomm and Aegis Tech on the element, while Chosun’s later story says that it ought to be a more powerful arrangement that what most Chinese telephone producers are depending upon. An ensuing Bell report affirms that Samsung is as yet anticipating running with the installed unique finger impression sensor, and that the S10 will drop iris examining as an opening alternative for the telephone.

Most as of late, ETNews has likewise connected the Galaxy S10 to in-show unique mark acknowledgment. As indicated by the site, the sensor will be given by Qualcomm, and speaks to the third era of the organization’s ultrasonic innovation. That last detail is basic, in light of the fact that Samsung Mobile’s D.J. Koh supposedly has communicated that optical sensors offer a “terrible client experience”compared to their ultrasonic partners.

Nonetheless, it’s conceivable that one variant of the S10 discharged in 2019 might not have an implanted unique mark sensor. A report from SamMobile proposes that one model may move the unique mark peruser to the side of the telephone.

Staying with Qualcomm

In a move that could advise what occurs in the Galaxy S10, Samsung in February reported that it had put $5.6 billion of every another production line to construct 7-nanometer chipsets. Not exclusively would that take into account a littler chip, however it would likewise make ready for the organization to roll out an assortment of plan improvements with the additional room it’ll have inside the handset.

As per a report from Phone Arena, Samsung will start testing the chip in the not so distant future and prepare it for large scale manufacturing in mid 2019 — idealize timing for the Galaxy S10.

We ought to likewise take note of that Samsung will take a shot at the chip innovation with Qualcomm, which the telephone producer has finished with the last couple of Snapdragon processors. The Snapdragon 855, at that point, ought to come the Galaxy S10, in any event for U.S.- bound adaptations of the telephone.

All the more as of late, Qualcomm has been inspecting renditions of that cutting edge chipset to telephone creators. Despite the fact that the procedure doesn’t authoritatively have a name yet, it utilizes a 7nm procedure, and the organization has expressed it will be accessible for “premium-level cell phones and other cell phones.” Apple is apparently settling on 7nm chips in new iPhones due not long from now also.

A trio of models?

Samsung may take after Apple’s strides and discharge not two but rather three models of its up and coming Galaxy S10. This report originates from TF International Securities expert Ming-Chi Kuo through Business Insider, who guarantees the organization is arranging 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.4-inch handsets. It additionally takes after a prior report from ETNews back in June that recorded a trio of gadgets with the code name Beyond.

The kicker is that Kuo says two of those three gadgets will actualize unique mark in plain view innovation, an objective many telephone producers have been moving in the direction of for a considerable length of time. The Galaxy S9 and S9+, and in addition the Galaxy Note 9, were altogether supposed to highlight ultrasonic unique finger impression sensors incorporated with the screen eventually in their advancement, showing Samsung could be nearer than any time in recent memory to at last conveying the component.

As indicated by Kuo, the least expensive of the three Galaxy S10s won’t utilize a similar innovation, picking rather for a more customary scanner set in favor of the telephone. The just-discharged Moto Z3 Play utilized a comparable outline. Kuo’s report adds that Samsung is required to push the in-show unique finger impression sensor include vigorously paving the way to the telephones’ dispatch, probably in late-February or early-March of 2019.

Quicker all around

Outside of the imperative changes to the telephone’s processor, the Galaxy S10 has been supposed to help quicker RAM and capacity modules than what is accessible in many handsets today.

The story originates from Ice Universe, an outstanding Samsung leaker, who says Samsung will start creating LPDDR5 and UFS 3.0 chips this year. At the same moment, Ice Universe says they’re “looking forward” to the Galaxy S10, recommending that the organization’s next lead will highlight these parts.

The upshot of these augmentations is a telephone that is snappier and more proficient. UFS 3.0 specifically enables capacity to devour less power, oblige a more extensive data transmission and work at more blazing temperatures. With respect to the LPDDR5 RAM, quicker read and compose paces will empower new substance, similar to the chronicle of 8K and significantly slower-movement recordings.

A 3D front-facing scanner

Samsung has been condemned for not building up a 3D front-facing scanner to rival the Face ID in Apple’s iPhone X. Yet, a report from The Investor says that Samsung has collaborated with 3D camera firm Mantis Vision to at long last get a 3D scanner into the Galaxy S10.

Not much is thought about the component yet, but rather it’s trusted that the Mantis Vision innovation will have the capacity to contend on indistinguishable level from the Face ID highlight on the iPhone X.

The Bell, another Korean distribution, additionally battles that the S10 could incorporate a 3D front-facing detecting module. That report says Samsung has code-named one year from now’s Galaxy telephone “Past.”

Triple cameras close by

Huawei’s P20 Pro acquainted us with the idea of three back cameras this year, with the additional focal point helping produce better shots in low-light. Samsung apparently is peering toward a triple-focal point setup for its next Galaxy telephone, with KB Securities investigator Kim Dong-won distributing an exploration take note of that says the S10 will have three cameras on the back. (Apple is supposedly taking a gander at adding the component to its telephones, perhaps when this tumble to get the hop on the S10.)

In any case, why stop with only three back focal points? The Bell reports that Samsung may add a second front focal point to the Galaxy S10, all the better to help Portrait Mode impacts on selfies. That would give the S10 five cameras altogether. For what it’s worth, LG is likewise supposed to run with a five-camera plan for its up and coming LG V40 not long from now.

That could likewise mean three telephones, as indicated by an ETNews report that found three gadgets with the Beyond code-name. In light of this report, Samsung would present single-, double and triple-focal point variants of the S10.

Name change in transit?

Samsung is said to take a shot at a foldable cell phone that could be known as the Galaxy X. What’s more, despite the fact that that won’t encroach on the organization’s Galaxy S plan, it could cause a naming issue. All things considered, in the event that one cell phone is known as the Galaxy X, naming another telephone the Galaxy S10 may cause disarray.

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A report in February from The Investor refered to a meeting with Samsung versatile boss Dongjin Koh, who indicated that Samsung may move far from the numbered marking on the Galaxy S line. In this way, instead of considering its next cell phone the Galaxy S10, Samsung may settle on an elective name. It may likewise pick, essentially, the Galaxy S.

“In spite of the fact that Samsung will stick to Galaxy, we have been contemplating whether we have to keep up the S moniker or the numbering framework,” Koh said in that meeting.

Release date

It’s too early to foresee the correct discharge date for the Galaxy S10, yet in the event that history is any guide, Samsung will probably adhere to a comparative timetable in 2019 as in different years. That implies you should hope to see the new handset reported at one year from now’s Mobile World Congress appear, which gets in progress Feb. 25. On the off chance that Samsung takes after a comparative example for the S10 as improved the situation the S9, the new telephone would hit retires by the center of March 2019.

Be that as it may, it’s conceivable that the S10 won’t be the main premium telephone Samsung presents one year from now. Serial leaker Ice Universe says that Samsung could disclose its foldable Galaxy X telephone at CES 2019 in January. Under this situation, the S10 wou

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