Snapdragon Laptops

Top 5 Snapdragon Laptops of 2020

Snapdragon laptops are finally a thing. Qualcomm has decided to enter the laptop industry after pretty much taking over the mobile one. Going in full force they’ve already released two very capable CPUs aimed at laptops, the¬†Snapdragon 8c and 7c series.     Without further adue 1. Samsung Galaxy Book S Galaxy Book S will […]

Enable Samsung Kids Mode

Samsung Tablet Kids Mode explained

Samsung has started to include Kids Mode directly embeded on all their phones and tablets. The kids mode is called Kids Home and can be accessed via a shortcut or through the settingd drop down on your tablet or phone. Getting a Galaxy Tab A would be ideal for your kid as it is affordable, […]

Zen 4 Ryzen 5000 Seires roadmap

Ryzen 5000 release date, price and specs

NEWS OF AMD ZEN 4 RYZEN 5000 series AMD’s subsequent-gen Zen 4 ought to arrive on new 5nm or 6nm in 2021 Intel struggles to get to 10nm, AMD is already at 7nm and we are already speakme 5nm/6nm CPUs with subsequent–next–next-gen Zen four AMD released its next-gen Zen 2 CPU architecture authentic with the […]

GTX 1680

Nvidia GTX 1670, 1680 price, release date, specs

Will there will be an Nvidia GTX 1670 and GTX 1680? Unforutnately it doesn’t seem so. Will there will be a GTX 1670 super and GTX 1680 super? This doesn’t look likey either. Nvidia will be pushing Ray Tracing on its high end cards so there’s no reason to compete with their own cards directly. […]

ipad pro 4 2020

iPad Pro 4 2020 (Fourth Generation) Specs, Release Date and Features

  Apple is one of the few phone manufacturers who are not giving up on their tablets and for a good reason. Having the lead in tablet sales with 30% market share, tablets are still generating significant revenue for them and they aren’t planning to stop producing them anytime soon like their competitors. So it’s […]


Nintendo N64 Classic Mini release date and price

Nintendo N64 Classic Mini Release Date A further trademark documenting proposes that Nintendo could be preparing a N64 Classic Mini comfort. Initially spotted by Japanese Nintendo, the trademark covers a computer game program, a controller for a game machine, a joystick for a computer game machine, and a TV game machine. It’s conceivable that Nintendo […]

Nintendo Switch Two

Nintendo Switch Two

Nintendo Switch Two Specs While the Nintendo Switch Lite has comparable inside equipment to the current Switch, the Switch 2 is supposed to be expanded. As per Japanese game site Gamepedia, it will have a few knocks in particulars. Its RAM is said to be 8GB, twofold that in the present comfort, while the on-board […]

Galaxy S11

Samsung Galaxy S11 Specs, Release Date and Price

Most recent News and Rumors (October 2019) A spilled benchmark focuses to a taller showcase for the Galaxy S11 with a 20:9 viewpoint proportion. Samsung may dispatch a less expensive Galaxy S11 Lite alongside the normal S11. We have a conceivable dispatch date and area for the S11: February 18, 2020 in San Francisco. Ongoing […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Specs, Release Date and Price

Alongside Apple samsung is one of the few manufacturers who keep producing high end Tablets that come out with a punch. Continueing on the trend Samsung is expected to release the Samsung Galaxy Tab s7 later in 2019. So what are its specs, what is its price and when do we expect it to be […]

Lenovo Kids tablets

Lenovo has been going strong on the tablet market lately focusing on the low and mid tier ends. Lenovo is proud to push its line of tablets to the family oriented buyers. All its tablets offer an in built parental control app that help protect your kids and limit their usage. So are Lenovo tablets […]