Nvidia GTX 1670, 1680 price, release date, specs

GTX 1680

Will there will be an Nvidia GTX 1670 and GTX 1680?

Unforutnately it doesn’t seem so.

Will there will be a GTX 1670 super and GTX 1680 super?

This doesn’t look likey either. Nvidia will be pushing Ray Tracing on its high end cards so there’s no reason to compete with their own cards directly. RT is barely used by games and having it on all high end cards is pushing the tech onto the software. People wouldn’t buy the RT GPUs if high end GTX GPUs would be available.


Should I wait for tje Nvidia GTX1680 and GTX1670 super?

No. If you have the budget just go for an RTX.


When will the GTX1670 and GTX1680 be released?

Release date is unclear. Doesn’t look like it’s going to be released ever.

How much will Nvidia GTX1680 and GTX1670 cost?

If these were ever reality they would cost a little lower than the RTX series equivalent. $399 for the 1670 and $599 for the 1680.

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