Samsung Tablet Kids Mode explained

Samsung has started to include Kids Mode directly embeded on all their phones and tablets.

The kids mode is called Kids Home and can be accessed via a shortcut or through the settingd drop down on your tablet or phone.

Getting a Galaxy Tab A would be ideal for your kid as it is affordable, robust and includes Kids Mode.


Enable Samsung Kids Mode


Which samsung tablets have galaxy kids mode?

All samsung tablets and phones with Android 8.0 and above have kids mode embeded within the phone.


How do you enable Samsung Kids Mode?

  1. Swipe down twice from the top of the screen to access all the setting toggles.
  2. Scroll to the second page if required to see Kids Home toggle
  3. Tap Kids Home toggle.
  4. Proceed with settingup Kids Home

Once enabled you’ll get a shortcut icon on your home screen that you can touch to enter kids mode directly.


How To Enable Samsung Kids Mode


Once you get beyond the initial setup screen, you may be taken to Samsung’s Kids Home screen, where you may down load a myriad of video games and simplified versions of system apps like the digital camera and gallery. Everything in Kids Home is dissociated from the relaxation of the phone, that means the gallery app will most effective show pictures all in favour of the Kids Home camera app, in preference to showing your phone’s entire image library.

You can also set limits for Kids Home inside the Parental Controls phase of the app. You can create girl or boy profiles for every of your children, decide how much¬†time they’re allowed to spend in Kids Home, and screen their every day usage and pastime all from one screen.


Can I add more than one child profile in samsung kids mode?

Yes. You can add up to 4 child profiles each with its own settings and list of apps they will have access to.


Can I limit what apps my child will have access to in samsung kids mode?

In Samsung Kids Home you can add and remove access to all the apps that are available on the tablet or phone.


How much does samsung kids mode cost?

It’s free to use on all eligible Samsung tablets and smartphones with android 8.0 and above.


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