Zen 4 Ryzen 5000 Seires roadmap

Ryzen 5000 release date, price and specs

NEWS OF AMD ZEN 4 RYZEN 5000 series AMD’s subsequent-gen Zen 4 ought to arrive on new 5nm or 6nm in 2021 Intel struggles to get to 10nm, AMD is already at 7nm and we are already speakme 5nm/6nm CPUs with subsequent–next–next-gen Zen four AMD released its next-gen Zen 2 CPU architecture authentic with the […]

GTX 1680

Nvidia GTX 1670, 1680 price, release date, specs

Will there will be an Nvidia GTX 1670 and GTX 1680? Unforutnately it doesn’t seem so. Will there will be a GTX 1670 super and GTX 1680 super? This doesn’t look likey either. Nvidia will be pushing Ray Tracing on its high end cards so there’s no reason to compete with their own cards directly. […]