Enable Samsung Kids Mode

Samsung Tablet Kids Mode explained

Samsung has started to include Kids Mode directly embeded on all their phones and tablets. The kids mode is called Kids Home and can be accessed via a shortcut or through the settingd drop down on your tablet or phone. Getting a Galaxy Tab A would be ideal for your kid as it is affordable, […]

OnePlus 7 render

OnePlus 7 specs, price and release date

With OnePlus 6 just around the corner rumours have already started flying around about OnePlus’ next smartphone, the OnePlus 7. We are here to analyse the rumours do some educated speculation and try get us much out as possible about this highly awaited smartphone.   What are the latest news on the latest OnePlus 7 […]

Alcatel Idol 6

Alcatel Idol 6 2018

  Alcatel has already started working hard on preparing it’s new flagship, the Idol 6 even though the Idol 5 was released just a few months ago. We’ll try to figure out all its details here based on rumors and educated speculation.   What are the latest news on the latest Alcatel Idol 6 specs? […]

sony xperia xz3

Sony Xperia XZ3 specs, release date and price

We’ve just seen some renders of the XZ2 and we are expecting it to be announced soon but what it’s already known that Sony is hard at work on the Sony Xperia XZ3. This phone will be a successor to the flagship Sony Xperia XZ2 and could well be the company’s main high-end handset for […]

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 specs, price and release date

While still awaiting for the Samsung Galaxy S9 to hit stores we can’t help but ponder about the Samsung Galaxy S10. Being the tenth installment in the flagship series Samsung will surely want to impress us when it’s revealed. So would it be possible to estimate it’s features, price and release date? Let’s start.   What […]


LG G7 release date, price and specs

The LG G7 is LG’s next flagship phone on it’s timeline. What will it look like? What will it’s specs be and when will it be released? We’ll try to answer all these questions here.   What specs will the LG G7 have? 5.8in QHD OLED display (570ppi). Curved option available. Android 8.0 ‘O’ Qualcomm […]

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 specs, price and release date

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 hit stores earlier this year but we are already ramping up and getting excitted for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S9. There are a lot of rumors flying around and some are from trusted sources so we can safely make a prediction of what we’ll be getting with […]